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A-frame is a dive site nestled in the small town of Simon’s Town, in the False Bay area of Cape Town.

This is a shore dive, which can be quite difficult to find if you aren’t given directions.

I make my way down between the small holiday houses to a small rocky area where the entry is. You have to be careful here as it can be a little slippery.

Once in the water, I swim along the rock lining into thick Kelp forest. This area is a very sheltered, so large periwinkle and limpets are littered across the sea floor. This area is also full of the territorial Klipfish. I settle down and wait for them to come in close to check me out. These fish are fearless for such a small size, and there colouring differs based on where they have small their small home.

Once out of the kelp forest, I find a large sand patch where I swim through a swarm of South African Box Jelly Fish. It’s a cold water dive, so I’m basically covered head to toes in neoprene and therefore have no fear of stings. These jellies are also not as dangerous as its Australian Cousin.

A-Frame Dive Site

Photo Credit: Talya Davidoff

Now, a tip from the locals! On the other side of the patch, there is a large orange sponge where I find the famous Swim through of this dive. The entrance is about 1.5 meters wide, but as I swim through the area opens up to the iconic A-frame shaped formation. The swim through opens up to a large overhang filled with soft coral and red seaweed. The world famous abalone mollusk is found here in large numbers, as well as a plethora of benthic critters. As I follow the walls of the dive something move in my peripherals. On closer inspection, I find the wall virtually covered with common octopuses darting between crevices and flashing bright warning signs as I draw near.

In terms of seeing what Cape Town really has to offer, this site will show you everything.

The Author: Talya Davidoff is a marine biologist, freediving champion and dive instructor.

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