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This jetty dive is offered as a night dive and attracts many divers. Crowded and famous it makes for an unforgettable dive.

As with most night dives, it is shallow, up to 15 meters deep, and gives you the possibility to spot some fluorescent plankton.

What have I seen there?

All the big stuff any diver can dream of: marble rays, nurse sharks, jack fish and trevallies.

Sharks and rays seemed to come in schools just like jacks, trevallies, and scuba divers. It was a huge mess with flashlights, silver reflections and lots of unexpected moments.

I was pushed away. “What a bad diver”, I managed to think, when I saw a huge nurse shark swimming from behind me. I saw my buddy with a marble ray sitting on her hair. Huge mess.

Only later did I think that the animal behaviour wasn’t normal and, even if I haven’t seen it, the animals must have been fed. That’s why they were rushing and totally ignoring the divers.

I am pretty sure that this controversial procedure lasts there for quite some time, as the animals seemed to use to the whole situation.

The Author: Klaudia Kubicka, Divemaster.

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