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Amed also has a number of walls where gorgonians sway in the current and bigger pelagics come to feed.

Amed Wall is located further out of the bay a drop off falls below 50m and mild currents make for a pleasant drift dive. Soft corals and gorgonian seafans sway in the current and are home to schools of reef fish including colourful anthias and damsels. Also look out for clown triggerfish. Lionfish hang around near tube sponges. Larger pelagics species can also be seen here including tuna and blue fin trevally.

The main eastern reef off Cemeluk curves around a rock outcrop just east of town. There is a drop off to around 50 meters just out of Cemeluk bay where marine life is plentiful and currents are gentle. Lipah Bay lies around 3 kilometers southeast of Cemeluk. There is a small wreck of a steel freighter at 6 to 12 meters encrusted with gorgonians, sponges and black corals, with a lot of glassfish sweeping around. Nice hard coral cover with plenty of anthias and eagle eyed divers can find pygmy seahorses here.

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