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This dive site is an easy relaxing dive site made up of a mount with a steep drop off. Found off Moyo Island in Bali, the top of the sandy mount breaks the surface at low tide, and the reef is home to many fish and has many healthy corals.

The mount slopes down gradually to a vertical wall that drops off to depths below 40 metres and has visibility levels of up to 35 metres. The currents are very mild and so this makes a good site for all levels of divers. The wall has many sheet corals and many soft tree corals with many different colours. The site has been hit by dynamite fishing which can be seen by the large gaps in the coral and the fractures that dot the wall.

The reef is full of triggerfish, bannerfish, and many schools of fusiliers. Divers will also find rounded batfish, yellowtail tuna swimming in the deeper parts of the dive, and black tip reef sharks swimming in the deep blue.

Macro divers will be pleased with the smaller marine life and it is common to spot many different types of nudibranchs. Divers also have the chance to spot the blue ringed octopus. These tiny octopuses do not grown any larger than the size of a thumb but are one of the most toxic marine species so should not be touched.

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