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Angel’s window is a magnificent dive site with a large intensity of marine life and some beautiful topography that is very different to the usual Lembeh diving experience. It is a fantastic dive site and is more often than not included in dive itineraries of the region.

The topography allows divers to spiral downwards, to depths of 30 metres. At around 25 metres, there are several swim throughs amongst the submerged pinnacles, and the whole area is cloaked in sea fans, colourful soft corals, sea fans, and sponges. When going through the swim through, dives should take care as the wall is covered in many small featherstars and divers must be sure not to touch these delicate corals.

The best diving conditions are from September to October with July and August being the best months for spotting small creatures due to the cooler water temperatures averaging at 26-29C/79- 84F. There is sometimes a light current, and visibility is superb often reaching 30 metres so allowing divers to see down to the sandy bottom.

This site’s most beautiful inhabitants are Bubble coral shrimp, reef octopi, xeno crabs, and stonefish with Pygmy seahorses and yellow Denise seahorses often spotted between the gorgonian sea fans. This site has beautifully decorated pinnacles whose tip lies just below the surface. Divers can follow these down, exploring them as they go. Divers can expect to see vast areas of soft corals with many green and orange ones in particular. At the base of the pinnacles, there are many sponges and sea fans where divers are almost guaranteed to spot pink pygmy seahorses. Divers will be able to spot trevallies, snappers, and anthias, throughout the dive and it is common to spot red octopus as well. There will be many different types of angelfish, batfish, and of course, a large number of nudibranchs.

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