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This is one of the best dive sites in Fiji and is part of an area of diving that is known as the soft coral capital of the world. This site is often called Mini White Wall and is part of the rainbow reef that produces some of the most amazing soft coral displays in the world.

The dive site runs from 5 metres down to 21 metres and visibility can reach up to 40 metres here. The site is made up of three large coral bommies that are about 12 metres in height and rise up from the ocean floor. They are covered in white soft corals, which are very rare. When these corals open up, they create a massive white blanket of soft coral over the bommies and this is truly one of the best things divers can experience underwater. These corals are also joined by many tallow, blue, violet, purple, and red corals that create a beautiful rainbow on the bommies.

Added to this the marine life here is diverse and abundant. Divers can also see many sponges, sea whips, and sea fans next to the hard corals of the bommie itself. This creates a good environment for the many triggerfish, scorpionfish, anthias, butterflyfish, basslets, angelfish, and squirrelfish that call this bommie home. The bommies have many nooks and crannies for divers to explore and divers are sure to find crabs, shrimps, and nudibranchs hiding amongst the bommies.

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