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Antons Reef is one of the most popular dive sites in Sodwana Bay. Sodwana is undoubtedly the scuba diving mecca of South Africa and Antons is just one of nine magnificent sites at the 2 mile reef. The reefs offer a variety of marine life in warm and welcoming waters and are ideal for beginner divers. With arches, rocky cliffs, walls, swim-throughs, boulders and gullies, adventurous divers are also in for a treat.

The reef is about 2 kilometers in length and divers needn’t look far to spot a huge variety of life including zebra fish, turtles, goatfish, emperor angelfish and triggerfish. It’s easy to get mesmerized by the masses of schooling fish at Antons, but remember that every nook and cranny of this great reef is occupied by something, whether it is a shy octopus or just an antennae that alerts you to the presence of hiding crayfish nearby. Magnificent corals of all varieties can be found including table coral, spiral and fleshy coral and colourful sea sponges.  Divers should also look out for large potato bass, eels, rays and blue-banded snappers in great numbers as well as dolphin and whale shark sightings on your short boat ride to the reef, located just 2 miles from the shore.

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