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The Aquarium is one of the best dive sites at Mnemba Island in Tanzania. It is ideal for every diver whether at beginner or advanced level as it offers a relaxing, fish-filled dive in warm, shallow waters with minimal current. This Tanzanian wonder offers magnificent corals as a backdrop to the diverse and extravagant marine life – similar to visiting an aquarium, so the dive site is appropriately named. Divers might see a flattened-looking species that looks as if it’s had a run-in with a car but this strange crocodile fish has regularly ben sighted at the Aquarium along with large potato bass and trumpet fish. The colourful reef fish such as butterfly fish, surgeons, banner fish and parrotfish are in abundance and moray eels and rays making regular appearances too.

The reef offers a good combination of hard corals, interesting critters and larger marine life such as hawksbill and green turtles and white tip reef sharks. The maximum depth is a mere 25 metres and visibility can be as good as 45 metres, although the rainy season between April and September may disrupt the visibility rates somewhat. With so much to see and such warm, welcoming waters, it’s not wonder why dive sites at Mnemba Island are so popular with divers of all levels.

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