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Aravind’s Wall is a classical drift dive along the continental shelf of South East India. After a few Whale Shark and Manta Ray sightings it became more popular.

After a bumpy ride on the fisherman’s boat we roll backwards into the blue-green water below. Some current pulls us along as we do our safety check and we descend together to explore the site.

Trigger scape at the wall

Trigger scape at Aravind’s Wall. Photo Credit: Hilde van de Sande

The water is slightly murky but the visibility is around 15 to 20 meters. After reaching about 15 meters we are able to make out the shape of the wall below us. The wall drops off into the depth to around 40 meters but beautiful gorgonians (fan corals) span along the sides taking advantage of the currents and let us drift as around 28-30 meters.

Fans and triggers cruise the cave

Fans and triggers. Photo Credit: Hilde van de Sande

As we float along in our little group a school of Jacks pass us. On the top of the wall I see a glimpse of a blue spotted ray under a rock. I signal to the rest of the divers and we kick hard against the current to keep from being drifted away as we try to see it again. We give up after a little while and drift along with the snappers while looking at the beautiful gorgonians growing on the wall.

A Gorgonian aka fan coral, found at the dive site called 'Caves', 12 km off the coast of Pondicherry.

Gorgonian Fan Coral, Aravind’s Wall. Photo Credit: Hilde van de Sande

After fifty minutes we start ascending, shoot our SMB and do our safety stop to show the captain where we are so he can pick us up. No manta this time but it was a beautiful dive.

The Author: Kira is a PADI MSDT, Full Cave Diver and holds an M.Sc in Marine conservation and Biodiversity.

Seasnake likes Gorgonian

Seasnake and Gorgonian, Aravind’s Wall. Photo Credit: Hilde van de Sande

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