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Bajo Alcyone is a well-kept secret amongst divers in Costa Rica and is one of the most incredible dive sites you’ll ever experience. Although unknown to many, this only adds to the mystery and attraction of this pristine marine national park that provides sightings of some of the largest and most beautiful marine species in the world.

To start with, Cocos Island in Costa Rica is well-worth a visit for divers looking to get up close and personal with hammerhead sharks. These odd looking sharks are best seen during the rainy months of June to December, but with average water temperatures of 24-30 ºC, a little rain shouldn’t put you off what is sure to be an incredible visit. Not only is there the chance to see scalloped hammerheads in their hundreds, but a variety of others shark sightings are possible too. Divers can expects to see Galapagos sharks, tiger sharks, guitar sharks, white tip, black tip and silver tip sharks too. Forming part of the Golden Triangle, this dive site offers nutrient-rich waters for a number of pelagic fish. Many exotic and beautiful creatures can be found at Bajo Alcyone including sailfish, dolphins, whale sharks and wahoos.

A number of different species of rays are around Bajo Alcyone too including marble, eagle and manta and mobula rays. With calm seas and impeccable visibility in the months of January until May, divers would be crazy not to give Cocos Island a visit.

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