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Banua Wuhu is one of the most unique diving locations in the world. Situated in Mehengetand in Indonesia, divers have the chance to safely experience a dive in one of the only active underwater volcanoes in the world.

Mahengetang is located between Siau and Sangihe Islands and rises up 400 meters above the sea bed.  Surrounded by colourful humphead parrotfish and gigantic sea sponges, you’ll notice an expanse of large rocks nearby that are covered in sulphur and give off small bursts of volcanic gasses. These small but very hot bubbles quickly make their way to the surface, which really adds to the excitement of diving in a volcano, even though it hasn’t erupted since 1968. Some say that it’s almost like diving in a large, rumbling glass of champagne at between 37-38°C with the ability to hear the rumbling of the volcano during your dive. You’ll also have the chance to spot schools of neon fusiliers and black tipped reef sharks. The best time to dive Banua Wuhu is in the morning due to calmer currents. Now a major tourist destination in North Sulawesi, Banua Wuhu is definitely one to say “been there, done that, got the t-shirt”.

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