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Barracuda Point is one of the most famous dive sites around Sipadan Island in Malaysia. It’s no secret that if you’re diving Barracuda Point in Malaysia, you’re likely to spot some barracuda – it is, of course, all in the name.

What may come as a surprise though, is the immense number of barracuda, and the feelings of exhilaration as you approach, or get swallowed up by a swarming whirlwind of hundreds and thousands of these dominant predators (totally inoffensive to divers). Make the most of the unique opportunity to get up close to these fierce-looking creatures and observe their strong jaws, perfectly equipped with rows of sharp teeth for hunting prey.

You’ll be pleased to note that a giant barracuda tornado is not the only thrilling experience you might have at Barracuda Point. Situated on the north east of Sipadan Island, this dive site is not only world-famous for barracuda, but also offers sightings of other exciting marine life such as hammerheads and black-tip reef sharks.

In a glance you’ll be able to see serene and graceful rays, enormous sea turtles and frenzied jackfish of all varieties. There’s also an impressive array of coral varieties such as antler and black corals and delicate feather stars.

Straying away from the norm, you might also see the unique bump head parrot fish and the peculiar bat fish swimming about.

It’s no wonder Barracuda Point is highly acclaimed as one of Malaysia’s best dive sites – it offers all of this combined with great visibility and mild currents, and all this is conveniently located less than a 5 minute boat ride from the main beach at Sipadan.

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