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Waking up while the boat brings us to the Big Blue dive spot, the sun makes her away slowly up above the ocean.

We literary jump in ‘the big blue’ because the hammerheads are usually to be spotted here in the open sea. Upon descending, the plankton is still shining some light in the water and if you point your finger very close to it, it turns itself around which feels like you can switch on and off the stars of the ocean!

There’s no beautiful reef here but you can feel an exciting mood hanging between the divers once we make our search pattern in the hope to find our friends.

And then I can hear my colleague shouting in his regulator when he points to ‘the star-lighted blue’. I see something on my right side and spot a baby hammerhead shark right beside me, but it disappears as soon as I see it. I watch the direction of my colleague again and then we see a small group of 6 hammerheads! Wow, amazing! About 10 minutes later we see another 2 of these beautiful creatures.

Slowly we arrive at the reef which must be the extension of Madivaru Corner. We see two Napoleon fish slowly swimming over the reef as if they just woke up while in the meantime a big group of tunas is already hunting for their breakfast.

We also spot a stone fish, some morays and a stingray in the end of the dive, but the highlight of the dive is definitely the group of amazing hammerhead sharks. Everybody is very satisfied while we climb back on the boat.

The Author: Ellis Derkx is a PADI MSDT who has been teaching in the Maldives.

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