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Big Fish Country is Nabucco’s famous dive site. The site is only 10 minutes away and located at the entrance of the huge channel that connects the inner lagoon to the open sea. The flushing tidal movement creates strong currents that attract grey reef, whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, huge rays and shoaling fish such as trevally and barracuda.

We dived here many times during our stay. The descent began along the outer wall of the atoll which is adorned with huge gorgonian sea fans and sea whips, ascidians and coral. On the way to the mouth of the channel we saw turtles, bluespotted ribbontail rays, sweetlips, morays and also an array of other reef fish. Stopping to enjoy the action was not an option, unless we hooked onto the reef, as currents were strong.

At about 26m (85ft) the channel entrance appeared and adrenalin started coursing though our bodies as the currents got stronger. Then, feeling like John Wayne, we took out our reef hooks and caught a rock instead of cattle! Once secure, we looked to the blue water as if at a drive-in movie.

On a good day eagle rays, sharks, giant tuna and turtles pass by. We even saw two marble rays and a Jenkins whiptail ray. After 5-8 minutes here, we drifted to the end of the channel where shoaling barracuda and trevally gathered.

The rest of the dive was usually spent exploring the inner channel where macro life thrived. Nudibranchs were everywhere and among those seen were Nembrotha kubaryana, Nembrotha lineolata, Flabellina sp. and Chromodoris kuniei. Porcelain crabs peeked out of anemones, busy catching zooplankton. Cleaner shrimps danced invitingly, trying to attract passing fish. Flatworms crept lazily over coral, and scorpionfish cunningly hid, waiting to ambush the next victim.

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