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Birthday Reef, however good or bad the visibility, is still a spectacular dive.

Converging currents meet at a large bloomer shaped reef starting at 27m and dropping to beyond 50m.

At the end where currents swirl and change direction, you will find a mass of large schools.

You’ll see jacks, bannerfish, barracuda and snapper, not just a few but in their hundreds. On these dives you can also encounter green turtles, eagle rays are regularly spotted resting in the sand, huge potato bass, tuna and wahoo can be seen in the blue.

As for small macro life, this reef is also full to burst; moray eels, nudibranchs, beautiful dark green soft corals with bright contrasting coloured damsels and chromis are living amongst the branches.


A long distance out to the southeast of the Likoni Creek entrance.


Best dived on slack during the diving season as strong currents may be present. This added to the depth, makes it a site that is suited to experienced divers only.

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Strong current brings large pelagics.

Large population of pelagic game fish.

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