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I admit that I am a photographer, and for many other divers, this is a dive that will not excite as much as it did me. However, for those who like to experience the unique, something rare and mysterious, this is the dive for you.

Off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, deep waters can be found close to shore. The volcanic topography of the islands makes sure of this. 2-3 miles offshore the boat stops and switches on its high power underwater lights.

Kona Blackwater Night Dive

Kona Blackwater Dive – Photo Credit: Chris Vyvyan-Robinson

Here off the mid-ocean drop off the diurnal vertical migration occurs, this is the occurrence of deep ocean creatures coming to the surface to feed.

While many of the creatures are small, and in turn, a macro lovers dream, these critters, scalps, larvae, and crustaceans have been observed by a very small and select amount of people making the experience all the rarer. While watching a deep ocean crab in the spotlight I was brought out of my hypnotic stupor by the Divemaster who pointed into the edge of the light, something much bigger was passing by. A small pod of dolphins passed the boat and stopped to investigate the lights of the divers.

This was without one of the wildest dives of my life; the ability to witness a rare phenomenon is a truly splendid thing.

The Author: Chris Vyvyan Robinson is an underwater photographer and divemaster with 1000+ dives around the world.

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