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The name ‘Blowing Rock‘ is quite fitting as the wave’s crash on the giant rock protruding 3m out of the ocean and blowing seawater high into the sky, but what really tickles my fancy is what’s below that rock.

Laying at 27m, searching the deeper depths for the things we wish to see in our diving dreams Sharks, Rays, Dolphins, large schools of fish and on rare occurrence Whale Sharks.

Playing in the shallows amongst the rocks, on sunny days the sunlight’s dances through the passages like you’d think to see in a fairy tales, bring your camera because the macro life is abundant and everywhere.

Accessible from both islands: Little Corn (25km) and Big Corn (13km).

The local dive shops usually make this a special trip for the small island goers. It is true island life in these parts make sure you bring the essentials cause the mainland is not easily accessible but absolutely worth the journey.

The Author: Courtney Cicoria is an MSDT currently living in the Dominican Republic.

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