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This stunning dive was one of my favourites back when I used to teach in Roatan.

Blue Channel is a relatively shallow dive, it starts just inside the reef and then curves out towards a coral ridge taking you from 10ft to 45ft.

At the entrance of the channel itself there are a number of habituated green moray eels, and you can often spot pipefish, fireworms, large feather dusters and lobsters around there too.


Soldierfish – Photo Credit: Luke Massey

During August and September its the southern wall of the channel that is the real showstopper of this site, for that’s when enormous schools of silversides on migration fill the swim through and visibility is reduced to only a few feet!

You need good buoyancy for this dive, but there is a large sandy area where I would teach PPB and then the swim throughs and caves offered the perfect places to go and practice your newly learnt skills.

The Author: Katie Stacey, Dive Instructor

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Marta December 03, 2017

Blue Channel is one of my favourite dive sites ever, where I used to work while I was in Roatan! As soon as you enter the channel all the colourful reef fish surround you and the feeling is amazing! Sea turtles are very frequent in the area! the vegetation and the corals are just some of the best around the coasts of Roatan.


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