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The Blue Hole in Gozo is one of the most popular dive sites in the islands of Malta. The actual hole is formed by an underwater natural rock formation that has been slowly created over the centuries. The large archway starts at a depth of 8 metres and is completely covered in magnificent golden cup coral.

The reef drops as a vertical wall down to about 60 metres and in the blue space you’ll often find schools of bream and larger fish such as tuna. The dive site offers exceptional beauty in the form of crystal clear waters and an average visibility of 45 metres. Featuring caves, chimneys and a number of swim-throughs, divers should look out for colourful marine life such as parrot fish, cardinal fish, moray eels and octopi. If time allows, spend some time exploring the rocky formations for interesting creatures of the smaller variety such as starfish, nudibranchs, centipedes, bristle worms, lobsters and urchins. The Blue Hole site is nearby the stunning Azure Window which recently partially collapsed and is now somewhat blocked by large boulders, but divers are still able to see the magical water reflections that are well-known at these signature sites of Gozo.

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