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This site is mainly used as a place to learn diving and to introduce divers to Scuba through the try dive courses. It is an easy dive with little current, warm waters, and a gradual slope. In deeper parts, there are some fantastic soft coral spots and some larger marine life that attracts divers that are more experienced. The site is also often used as a learning site for budding macro photographers who want to learn how to spot and photograph macro marine life in calm and easy conditions.

In the local Bahasa language, this site is also known as Baong Penyu. This is translated as meaning Turtles (Penyu) Neck (Baong) and comes from the name of the peninsula that this bay is part of; Turtle Neck peninsula. The region has been a well-known famous snorkeling site for decades and it is a bay with a sandy bottom and patches of corals. Hard and soft corals exist in small numbers in the shallower parts of this dive site.

Further down at around 15 meters there is a large rock that is overcome with corals and then a slope with some corals scattered along the sandy bottom. This then leads to some staghorn coral, which is home to stonefish, and some sweetlips.

This leads to a slope where there is a rich area of coral including some lovely gorgonian fans and other soft corals. This slope is protected by a rock ledge and so enables the soft corals to flourish. Here there can be many nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, crabs and other smaller marine life. There are Napoleon wrasse, lionfish, moray eels and scorpion fish.

At these depths, out to the blue sea, divers can sometimes spot larger pelagic fish and it is common to see different reef sharks here as well as blue spotted stingrays.

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