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This is a fantastic dive as it has a mixture of different things to see. There is a reef wall and also a wreck found at quite a deep depth providing a lot of fun for experienced divers.

In the local Bahasa Indonesian language, Budak, means slave. The wreck of an old wooden boat can be found at around 35 to 50 meters deep and it is thought that this boat was once a slave boat; giving this dive site its name. The wreck is made up of two anchors that are enveloped by the sand and sediment at the bottom of the seabed. The ship is hard to spot and sometimes difficult to recognize. It is thought that the ship sunk in the early years of the 19th century and because of this, it has now been completely covered with coral. The history of the boat and its name are actually unknown. Some of the wreck has been removed by previous divers and some of the ship has now been buried by the shifting seabed.

The start of the dive is around the wall, which has been colonized by some magnificent coral. There are many soft and hard corals on the wall and lots of crevices and nooks and crannies to explore. There are many healthy gorgonian fans and sponges as well.

Divers need to be careful with how long they spend on the wall given that the dive is quite deep. But divers can expect to see batfish, shrimps, triggerfish, moral eels and clown fish. Lionfish and pigmy seahorses are also common. Whale sharks have been spotted here and it is also easy to spot Mola Mola fish (Sunfish) making for a spectacular dive. This site also is famous for Green turtles; it is hard to find another dive site anywhere in the world where you can find these three rare species.

Further down from the wall, divers can then descend down to 35 meters or deeper to investigate the remains of the wreck. Divers will need to be experienced to get down this far but given the features of the shallower parts of the dive; this is a fantastic dive for divers of all levels.

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