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Just off the coast of Bohol, you find the tiny island of Cabilao with only 3 resorts (at the time of travelling). Electricity only runs at night and the simplicity of the island makes it not a place for a luxury holiday.

However, the great diving is all worth it and simple too! We just rent tanks at the dive center and simply walk to the reef in front of our accommodation where we find an amazing drop-off.  Healthy corals including many gorgonians give a home to a big variety of fish including scorpion fish, frogfish, nudibranchs and we spot the pygmy seahorse!

We notice that this an incredibly secret spot not disturbed by overfishing or too many divers. In the blue, anything can pass by. Our eyes also caught schools of barracudas and tuna fish.

Upon returning our tanks, the dive center owner asks us how many hammerheads we’ve seen. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any, but we only now realise that this was just bad luck. Apparently, hammerhead sharks can be seen here too on a regular basis.

The Author: Ellis Derkx is a PADI MSDT.

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