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Situated on the north-west coast of Italy, Caponoli is an extremely popular dive site for both scuba divers and freedivers. From the shore, the drop off descends steeply to over 40 meters deep.

Many varieties of seahorses such as Hippocampus guttulatus and Hippocampus hippocampus live here, covering a depth between 4 and 10 meters. I had the chance to observe them while they performed their ritual mating dance.

Seahorses mating season dance - Caponoli Dive Site

Three seahorses during the mating season before starting the ritual dance of love. Photo: Marta Panero

The wide sandy path boasts a large variety of flat fishes and other Mediterranean species and then gives way to a rocky bottom where invertebrates such as shrimps and nudibranchs accumulate. I usually practice underwater photography here as this dive spot is perfect for capturing images of small, colourful nudibranchs.

School of anchovies in Caponoli, Italy

School of anchovies passing by during a shore dive in Caponoli, Liguria. Photo Credit: Marta Panero

It was a very unique experience when, swimming through the “amphitheatre”, I was surrounded by schools of anchovies and barracudas where larger predators and cormorans prey.

The Author: Marta Panero, Dive Instructor.

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