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I circle my light, signaling “OK?” to my divers.

I receive a collection of “OK”s in reply, so I proceed, making a primary tie-off in open water, then secondary tie-off at the lip of the overhead, and then connect my reel to the golden cavern line.

I can now sense the excitement growing as we pass through the massive tunnel that connects Cenote Garden of Eden with Cenote Corral, both of the impressive cave system of Ponderosa.

Cenote Garden of Eden Scuba Diving Buceo Ponderosa

The author leading a diver through an impressive light show in Cenote Corral, before passing through the tunnel to return to Cenote Eden, Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. Photo Credit: Mathias Van Asch

We see the glow of Corral in the distance, and we carry on around the perimeter of this horse-shoe shaped cenote, dense with tree roots, light beams, and prehistoric remnants of the coral reef that once existed here before the water levels dropped and the jungle took over.

We pass through the halocline, and the sunlight as well as the artificial light from our dive torches create an impressive light show as we bob slowly from fresh to salt water.

We turn when we reach the end of the guide line, and we languidly exit back the way we came.

The most impressive part for me is always seeing the sunlight and the vibrant green underwater hills of Garden of Eden, hospitably welcoming us back from where we once came.

The Author: Sarah Pulitzer, dive instructor and cave diver in Tulum, Mexico.

Cenote Eden Dive Map

Cenote Eden - Mapa Buceo - Dive Site Map

Cenote Eden Dive Site Map

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