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Divers will be stunned by how many they are and the surface area of these fish is staggering. The dive site is a great spot to see many smaller reef fish as well and has many of the species common in the area. This dive site is found on the eastern side of Pura Island in the Raja Ampat area and gets its name from the many anemones in the area that are home to many anemone fish and clown fish.

The dive site has nice and relaxing depths from 7 metres to 15 metres and the currents are usually mild. The dive can be completed as a drift dive providing divers with a great overview of the many anemones and anemone fish in the area. Mixed with warm water temperatures, and fantastic visibility levels up to 30 metres, this is a fantastic spot for beginner divers.

The site has many different very healthy soft and hard corals, found in large quantities and these are home to many different types of nudibranchs. The anemone fish come in many different species and are a sign of the vitality and health of the reef and area. There are many other types of reef fish with thousands of damsels and anthias in the area. There are also many sharks in the area with grey reef sharks and black tip reef sharks commonly spotted.

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