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I taught my first ever Rescue Diver course at a dive resort called Cocoview and their “Front Yard” comprised of a spectacular wreck called the Prince Albert, and the most vibrant wall called CoCo View Wall.

The wreck sat just a few fin kicks from the resort in 65ft of water and was covered in extensive coral growth.

Around it’s base you’d often see eagle rays, southern stingrays and squid mooching around.

The resident green moray eel would then lead you to Coco View Wall which was extensively covered with staghorn, lettuce, and elkhorn corals, and it was there that I saw my first Roatan seahorse, a bright yellow little fella.

For our safety stop we would explore the shallow top of the wall which was a cleaning station and there we’d see all manner of marine life coming and going – spotted, sharp tail and gold chain eels, blennies, grouper, snapper, octopus, squid, lobster – everywhere you looked on this dive there was activity!

The Author: Katie Stacey, Dive Instructor

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