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This dive site obviously gets its name from a large overhang, shaped like the Coliseum, which houses many marine creatures.

This dive can only be done by boat, due to the large distance from the Tofo coast. The actual dive is about thirty meters so you will need to be an advanced diver, preferably with Nitrox.

This was the first warm water dive I had ever done, and I am still hard-pressed to think of a better dive. As soon as my face touched the water I could see the reef, which is thirty odd meters below me. It’s hard to remain calm when the visibility is 40 plus meters, but I make a controlled descent to the coral city below me.

Coliseum Diving

Credit: Talya Davidoff

One of the first things I encounter is a group of tabletop coral that are actually healthy! Hiding underneath them are resting porcupine fish as well as a few decorative wrasses that seem to have taken a liking to me. I then make my way over to the overhang and get my torch out. This area shelters many animals like Moray eels and many species of Surgeonfish.

The more my eyes adjust the more I see. One thing that I couldn’t believe I missed on first glance was a massive Potato Bass that easily weighed in at about one hundred kilograms. Apparently, this fish is a local here and isn’t afraid of divers!

We start to make our ascent when a Giant Triggerfish darts by aggressively because we have accidentally moved over its batch of eggs. Luckily they generally go for my fins.

On the way up on our safety stop, we are met by a school of devil rays that swim on giant loops as they feed. It really is quite a magical way to end this dive.

The Author: Talya Davidoff is a marine biologist, freediving champion and dive instructor.

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