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Descending the staircase into Cueva Taina‘s outstanding surrounding really gets the blood pumping, entering into the beautiful turquoise water of the sinkhole, this cave has it all.

Cueva Taina Buceo Scuba Diving

Cueva Taina. Photo Credit: We Cave Dive

2 main passages; Left Tunnel and Deep Tunnel, revealing unique and diverse topography, formations and a variety of bottom type’s solid rock, gravel, silt and more.

The entrances decorated with century old stalactites and stalagmites formations.

Left Tunnel 20m max depth send us on a journey through a halocline, massive rooms highly decorating but filled with none breathable gases so keep your reg’s in, into sections with almost luminescent white walls that glow with the light from our torches.

Deep tunnel takes us through a section of tight passageways and into areas of enormous proportions, this area is for technical cavers and to depths greater than 35m, reaching the end of this line is a proud accomplishment for many of us, marked with a cookie left behind to permanently note the successful mission.

We Cave Dive provided a professional, private and a tailored dive to my needs and experience; I will be seeing this cave again!

The Author: Courtney Cicoria is an MSDT currently living in the Dominican Republic.

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