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Situated directly in front of D’Lagoon guesthouse on Pir Beach, and just off a promontory on Kecil Island in the Perhentians is D’Lagoon, so named because the D shape of the shallow reef is a nice relaxing spot with sheltered, warm waters. It is ideal for snorkelling and is often the preferred site for training dives since the depths here go down to 12m at most.

You will see a fascinating garden here at varying levels, with a huge variety of stunning corals such as brain, leaf, column, star, table, walnut, and finger and lobe corals in weird and wonderful formations, some look like chairs or big boulders or doughnuts! Largely untouched, the corals are full of interesting nooks and crannies, shelves and mini caves or holes to explore, and are home to a prolific number of marine life species.

Viz here is really good, up to 15m and as you drift along the hard coral reefs that form the D around this shallow lagoon, you will encounter so many species of reef fish and crustaceans in dazzling colours like angelfish, anemone fish, cleaner wrasse, shrimps, soldierfish, crabs, parrotfish, butterfly fish, sharp-toothed titan triggerfish and big-eyed copper sweepers on the rocks.

As you descend further down to the sandy lagoon bed covered in hard and soft coral patches and big coral rocks, you might meet the resident roughback ray or find blue-spotted rays, pufferfish, pipefish, hundreds of snappers, gobies and silver batfish darting all around, If lucky, you can even swim alongside hawksbill turtles along the reef edge. Huge schools of hungry barracudas and even some random blacktip reef sharks cruise in here regularly as well.

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