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This great dive site is a well-known macro dive site, made famous for its black sands and dotted coral reefs.

The dive starts with a shallow sea grass bed that slowly descends to about 7 metres where the sandy bottom starts. There are also occasional hard and soft corals that are home to the large numbers of macro life in the area. The dive site goes down to about 25 metres and with its very mild current it is a perfect spot for night dives, and photographers looking for shots of macro life. It is also a great spot for beginner divers.

In 2011, one of the nearby dive companies sunk three shipping containers to establish an artificial reef. After a few years, this site is already home to many different corals, macro species, and juvenile fish.

Divers will have a great dive searching out for movement amongst the sand and corals, and with a good eye, divers will spot lots of different marine species. The macro life is very diverse and divers can look to spot many types of frogfish, ghost pipefish, and seahorses. There are many different types of lionfish, scorpionfish, and many nudibranchs all waiting for the macro photographer.

Larger fish are also present amongst the coral reef and include many different types of gobies, giant clams, anemone fish, groupers, turtles, small barracudas, and garden eels.

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