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Dauin South is a classical muck dive spot. I would therefore highly recommend taking a dive guide.

You start directly from the shore. The area is all sandy with some spots where biodiversity explodes. Once you come close to a rope or a concrete base you can spend minutes by searching and observing the macro animals.

Many different species of frogfish, bristle-tail filefish, pipefishes and nudibranches as well as the blue-ringed octopus can be found here.

Also, here I saw for the first time a flamboyant cuttlefish, a really amazing creature!

The dive spot itself is quite large and if you have enough air you can spend here easily 80 and more minutes.

I would recommend staying in a depth of maximum 12m as below, the underwater man-made structures are sparce and the sand areas are expanding.

The dive site is near the Dauin Sanctuary, a wide reef structure. So, it is also possible to see turtles or rays when diving at this spot.

The author: Markus Denggis is a CMAS Assistant Instructor.

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