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This is a very good wreck dive site in Malapascua, offering divers a great chance to explore an old ferryboat.

The Dona Marilyn Wreck is a 20-year-old wreck of a passenger ferry that used to run from Cebu to Manila. The ferry was sunk in a huge typhoon but it still lies in one piece on the bottom of the ocean. It lies at about a depth of 18 to 32 meters and the boat itself is about 100 meters long. The wreck was largely unsalvaged and so there is still a lot to see inside the wreck. Only experienced divers should penetrate the dive and unexplored sections should be avoided.

The current can be quite strong in the region, but once on the wreck divers are protected. The current has brought with it much nutrition and so the boat now is covered in many coral and it is surrounded by many larger pelagic fish. Under the bow of the boat, divers can find blue spotted rays that have taken up residence on the wreck. There are also some white tip reef sharks that have moved in.

Within the hill of the boat, many sweepers and glassfish occupy the many spaces of the wreck. There is a resident moray eel, as well as nudibranchs, scorpion fish, cuttlefish, and flat worms. There are also many types of sweetlips and these can be found as both juvenile and adult fish. As the wreck provides them with protection and ample food supply, these fish in particular have grown to a very large size.

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