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Given its name, there is no surprise that this dive site is famous for garden eels. These fascinating creatures rise out of the seabed and are found here in large numbers. These eels nest in the sand bed and emerge to float amongst the water, swaying back and forth. As they usually live in groups, and as these eels resemble growing plants, they are said to resemble plants in a garden, which gives them their name.

The depth of the site varies from around 5 metres to about 25 metres. There is no current and visibility is good, averaging around 15 metres. Divers of all levels can visit this site as it is relatively uncomplicated.

The dive site is made up of small amounts of coral, but at around 20 metres along the bottom of the ocean, there is a sandy bottom and several tunnels and small caves. The latter is filled with nooks and crannies that are filled with colourful gobies. In the few corals, divers can find frogfish and moray eels. There are many mantis shrimps found here. These shrimp hunt by striking their victims at speeds that are similar to the impact of a gun bullet. These are designed to penetrate the skeleton of its victims.

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