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Fury Shoals is a very good dive site in the southern part of the Red Sea in the Marsa Alam region that is actually made up of a system of reefs. This area was not very popular as a dive destination as it was difficult to get there. There are now regular flights and so the dive sites have become more and more popular. This being said, the reef remains less visited and so in better condition that the more Northern sites of the Red Sea.

The dive site is a reef chain near to Wadi Lami. It has a large coral formation with many hard corals, branching corals, soft coral, and also many young coral that are still growing. The depth of the reef varies from around 10 meters to about 40 meters so all levels of divers will be able to explore the reef. As the system is quite extensive, there are a few caves, pinnacles, drop offs, drift areas, and even some wrecks amongst the whole system. The main dive areas within the system include Malahi, which means labyrinth in Arabic, Fury Shoal Gardens, a very well preserved stretch of coral garden, and Sha’ab Claudio with is myriad of swim through.

The area is quite windy which means that many waves can develop and so divers should take care with planning trips accordingly.

During the summer months, hammerhead sharks and bumphead parrots are common in this area but divers can also see tuna, jack fish, surgeonfish, turtles, and reef sharks throughout the year. The downside to visiting in the summer months is the very high air temperature that is normally above 40 degrees.

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