Gato Island Cave Dive Site

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The small Gato island was called that because from one specific angle it resembles a sleeping cat. It was a first place I saw a shark.

The cave that gives a name to this particular site is more like a tunnel. I swam in it without a torch, because the openings above provide enough dim light. At the end of the tunnel, I was told the sharks are waiting for the divers.

The nice sharks: whitetip reef sharks and bamboo sharks. When I started to swim I prayed for one. And in the bright opening at the end of the tunnel, I saw a shape that is hard to mistake for anything else.

I will never forget that cave and that picture. I dove there up to 20 meters only, but managed to take a selfie with another sleeping shark. It didn’t look too good, because of his silly face.

I saw a ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorse, cuttlefish and some astonishingly big nudibranchs.

The cat has many sea creatures in its belly.

The Author: Klaudia Kubicka, Divemaster.

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