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Located in the West of the Solomon Islands, Gizo, is a key merging point for the worlds currents and that brings with it the nutrients and hence the fish. This site in particular will leave even the most experienced diver with fantastic memories as it famous for having the second highest fish species count in the world. The sheer volume and variety of fish will leave an impact on even the most experienced diver. Experienced dive instructors of the area often say that they spot a new species on each dive they make to the dive site.

Beaten only by a dive site in Raja Ampat, a record of over 270 different fish species was counted on one dive at Grand Central Station and so diving here is truly remarkable. Not only is there such an incredible diversity, there is also an incredible abundance of each of the different species!

The dive is a drift dive given the levels of the currents. They are moderate at times but also guarantee the amazing fish and marine life that all divers will see. It is tempting to try to fight the current but divers need to relax and let the current take them on the dive. By relaxing, divers can have a relatively easy dive and there is no need to go that deep as most of the fish life is visible at shallower depths.

Divers will start to lose count of the fish they see and these can include many different fish including patrolling sharks, schools of trevally, batfish, lionfish, Napoleon wrasse, giant eagle rays, barracuda, and many of the 270 species in the area. Turtles can be spotted drifting along like a diver, and divers can spot moray eels lurking in the reef.

The corals below the drift dive are as varied as the fish, and brimming with reef fish which are also too numerous to count. There are large quantities of anemone fish in particular hiding amongst their anemone nests. This dive site is definitely worth it and is something that no diver will forget.

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