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This is one of the most remarkable dives in the world and gives Fiji the well-earned title of “soft Coral Capital of the World.” This truly fantastic dive sits in the Somosomo straight in the Northern part of Fiji.

The magnificent reefs of this part of the world are surpassed at the Great White Wall where the blooming of the soft coral at the right time and with the right current, creates one of the most remarkable experiences for any diver.

The water around the reef is calm and usually has moderate currents and so this dive can be done by most divers. The soft corals are all colors, orange, brown, and pink. But it is when the white soft corals bloom that this site becomes something truly amazing. The vertical wall is completely covered in this white corals that are almost luminescent.

There are some other smaller green, orange and red corals, and some whip corals, but they are almost smothered by the white soft coral. It is often hard to concentrate on the fish on this dive, as the coral is so prominent. Many divers have been known to drop suddenly at the wall as they forget to monitor their depth and buoyancy and those that venture further down will see that the wall becomes more of a lavender color as it gets deeper. The wall goes down to about 50 meters and is over 60 meters long.

The nutrient rich reefs also mean that divers will definitely see many large pelagic fish including reef sharks, barracuda, eagle ray, and manta ray. The reef is also home to many lionfish, coral trout, moray eels, basslet fish, soldierfish, squirrelfish, and the occasional mackerel.

From experienced divers to novice divers, this dive site will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

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