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Hin Yippon Yai and Lek are located at the most northern tip of the Anthong National Marine Park and are the most popular dive sites.

Hin Yippon Lek is the deeper of the two with a max depth of 24m. The rock is small enough to go around during a dive taking about 45 minutes. there is also a small cave here. Residents include the banded sea snake, the ring and blue pipefish, numerous shrimps from the coral banded shrimp to the cleaner shrimp and many nudibranches (sea slugs) are found crawling on coral and over sandy bottoms.

Hin Yippon Yai, having a maximum depth of 18m is home to numerous scorpion fish and share many residents as Hin Yippon Lek due to their close proximity. Big surprises such as whale sharks are seen here as well. Huge barrel sponges and gardens of whip coral add to the already colorful scenery underwater.

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