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San Pedro has a dive site called Hol Chan just 10 mins out by small boat. We almost decided against going there on our trip, BUT I am very glad we didn’t.

During the whole Belize trip, I was looking forward to trying to photograph eagle rays and this was definitely the place for it.

The dive is very shallow, 8m at the most, and has a sandy seagrass bottom. Lazy green turtles were busy feeding not seeming to care that we were 3 divers watching them intently.

Green sea turtle, Belize

Green Sea Turtle, Belize. Photo Credit: Debbie Woods

Then in the clear blue water, I spotted the eagle ray making its way towards us. It seemed to pose happily for the camera making circles around us with slow graceful movements.

Eagle ray in Belize

Eagle Ray, Belize. Photo Credit: Debbie Woods

I was delighted with this encounter and would have ended the dive with a big grin, but the show was not over yet. Another 2 eagle rays appeared in the background and joined the circling.

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