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Isola di Bergeggi (Bergeggi Island) is located in Liguria on the north coast of Italy and is such a fascinating place.

I have been diving in Italy for eleven years and I love it every time more! The Mediterranean sea is full of surprises.

Plenty of Mediterranean moray eels occupy the rocks. When there is current all the eels and larger predators come out more and create such an unreal atmosphere!

Moray Eel at Bergeggi island dive site

Mediterranean moray eel at Bergeggi Island. Photo Credit: Marta Panero

Schools of barracudas are quite common as well; I usually swim through them and it is such a unique experience. Many crustaceans, nudibranchs, and octopuses are present in the area as well.

Crab at Isola di Bergeggi, Liguria, Italy

Crab at Isola di Bergeggi. Photo Credit: Marta Panero

What I believe being the highlight of this dive is the wall of yellow polyps, Parazoanthus Gracilis, that boosts the drop off. Their yellow sparkling colour interacts with the light coming from the surface creating a very charming atmosphere!

Yellow polyps Parazoanthus Gracilis at Bergeggi Island

Yellow polyps (Parazoanthus Gracilis). Photo Credit: Marta Panero

This site is definitely recommended for passionate underwater photographers.

The Author: Marta Panero, Dive Instructor.

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