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Jeladi Wilis is a great site for divers just starting out in the world of Scuba. It is used mainly to teach divers and also for beginner divers. There are some good corals here that form sloping reefs and they are in great condition and they are full of marine life. These slope down towards a sandy bottom.

This is a shallow dive with a maximum depth of 20 metres. Divers will find they average at around 3 metres for most of their dive. Visibility is not very good and only reaches a maximum of 15 metres. It can sometimes be as low as 5 metres. Divers can visit the site throughout the year but the best conditions are found from April to November when it is the dry season and there is less rain.

There are a large amount of corals here and a large variety of the types that can be found. There are some good table and pinnacle formations that are home to lots of different types of marine life. Divers can spot blue spotted stingrays, shiny pufferfish, many different types of nudibranchs, octopus, cuttlefish, lionfish, and scorpionfish.

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