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This unique and fascinating dive site is a calm lagoon that is the home of millions of jellyfish. Like the Jellyfish Lake in Palau, these brown creatures are stinging but they are harmless to divers. The site is found in Tojoman Lagoon, which is named after a local word – Tojom – meaning sea urchin. The lagoon has huge numbers of sea urchins along its sea floors, which also makes for an interesting dive site.

The lagoon is found in an area of the Philippines where there are many limestone islets and calm waters. This lagoon is surrounded by some of these green islets that lead into the calm waters. The type of Jellyfish that have claimed this lagoon, are the Spotted Jelly sometimes called the Lagoon Jelly. They have a very short life span of only four months and are mostly active during the summer months from March to August when the water temperature reaches its highest.

The Jellyfish have bodies shaped like umbrellas, and have white spots but are mainly brown. The younger fish have a more translucent colour that is tinted orange. They have several small mouth openings in their arms that are their main feeding arms for feeding on plankton. They are not actually stingless but their sting is remarkable mild. So much so, that humans will not feel it nor will it evoke an allergic reaction.

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