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This bay has a whopping three diving spots: a steep wall which is accessible with a jukung, a flat reef that is accessible from the beach, and a reef where you can make a drift dive from a jukung. In addition to large schools of fish, sharks and turtles are regularly seen. The reefs are covered with beautiful hard and soft corals.

In this dive site you will find many different kinds of sponges, colourful soft corals and sea fans.

The marine life includes everything from lobsters, shrimp and goby sets, to anemones with attendant clownfish and Blue-spotted rays, parrotfish, angelfish, surgeonfish and moray eels, as well as turtles, reef sharks and Bargibanti pygmy seahorses.

Close by are some FADs (Fish Attracting Devices) called “Pyramids” which have proved popular with morays and similar but have yet to develop any substantial coral cover.

The Wall has a series of short, jagged walls dotted with large Barrel sponges and a variety of sea fans.

Here you can expect to see an occasional big trevally as well as small schools of fish such as Bluefin trevally, Redtooth triggerfish, snapper, fusilier, bannerfish, and butterflyfish.

Drifting along the Wall you will see corals (including black corals) and invertebrates with crinoids as well as fish life. Coming shallower – hard and soft corals, sponges, scorpionfish, nudis and other macro critters.

Like its neighbor Ghost Bay, Jemeluk Bay also suffered from the harvesting of hard coral that took place in the late 1980’s, during the early years of Bali’s tourist boom.

The coral gardens at the eastern tip of the bay, at what is called the Drop-Off, are now in superb condition and are possible the most prolific in Bali!

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