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Julian rocks! This is where I did my first Open Water dives and where I got hooked to diving 10 years ago. I still remember my first dive there. I told my dive instructor, Kieren, I was keen on seeing sharks and he made sure I did.

We descended and started swimming towards the giant rock a short boat ride away from Byron Bay.

Almost immediately Kieren spotted a Wobbegong shark and signalled for me to come closer. It was well camouflaged on a rock and was eyeing me as we gently swam towards it.

Kieren took me by the hand and pulled me closer still. I could see the Wobbegong arch its back (a sign of aggression) and thought I was a little too near. As I looked around, I saw four nurse sharks just two meters away from us. The rest of our dive we circled around the rock and found even more Wobbegongs and even saw sea turtles.

I still think of that dive as one of the best in my life. It only gets topped by diving with 80 Bull Sharks in Fiji!

The Author: Kira is a PADI MSDT, Full Cave Diver and holds an M.Sc in Marine conservation and Biodiversity.

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Julian rocks dive map

Julian Rocks (Byron Bay) Dive Map

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