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Kailua Kona is definitely one of the best diving areas in Hawaii and is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

This world renowned diving destination is home to an abundance of colourful reef fish and a variety of impressive marine life that comes in all shapes and sizes. The coral reefs are fantastic and well-preserved, the water is warm and the visibility is unmatched. The underwater terrain in the area is rather unique with underwater lava formations and interesting looking hard corals.

If you fancy seeing an underwater ballet performed by large manta rays weighing in at over 1 000 kgs, a night dive at Kailua Kona in Hawaii is the place to see it. A number of reputable dive companies offer this once-in-a-lifetime experience and it is certainly not one to be missed.

With the mesmerizing phytoplankton present in their millions, manta rays flock to this site to feed, adding more weight to their already-impressive 6 metre wide bodies. This is definitely an experience that is not easily forgotten.  As if magnificent manta rays weren’t enough, playful spinner dolphins, green sea turtles and white tip reef sharks tend to make regular appearances in the area too.

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