Koh Kraden Wreck Dive Site

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This dive site is found on Koh Kraden Island and is based around a wreck a Japanese destroyer sunk during  from World War 2. The stern of the boat has many old fishing nets draped over it and there is a thermocline that starts at about 15 meters, which can reduce visibility. It is hard to spot the outline of the boat, but it is not difficult to spot instead the abundance of marine life.

The boat is said to have sunk after an air raid and this split the boat in two leaving her two parts at around 25 meters. As it is below the thermocline the water temperature can be a lot colder than dives in this region and divers need to ensure they have sufficient protection against this. The visibility and the many nets and ropes on the wreck mean that divers should always carry a dive torch and a dive knife on this dive.

There are many soft corals that have taken over the boat and so it is common to see seahorses hiding amongst them. There are many schooling fish, reef fish, moray eels, and lionfish. It is a great wreck dive as it is a very unusual site with a lot of exploring to do.

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