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Thila means an underwater hill, deep enough for a boat to pass above it. In Kudarah underwater hill I dove to 23 meters deep, but one can go deeper up to 30 meters, if they try to follow a shark.

Don’t forget though that the current here is so strong that a reef hook is a part of the standard equipment and the sharks are way faster than scuba divers.

I saw white and black tips and mako sharks in the blue while hooked on a side of the Thila.

There were yet more attractions: the main one being the topography of the site with swim-throughs and caverns filled with schools of yellow snappers you could follow or dance with.

Higher up, around 12 meters deep swimming towards the safety stop I saw an octopus and a turtle.

All that diversity makes Kudarah Thila the dive site to dream about: fantastic topography with yellow snappers everywhere and seeing sharks when you look out to the blue.

The Author: Klaudia Kubicka, Divemaster.

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