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Kudaridikilu Wall is one of the less famous dive sites on the Baa Atoll and is often overlooked.

I find that out of all the dives I did out there, this was the one that consistently had the most interesting marine life on it.

There is often a strong current on this dive so make sure to know how to handle yourself on a drift dive. I ask the captain to drop me on the corner and descend down to about eighteen meters just on the drop off.

This area is teaming with life! The most noticeable of that is a large shoal of blue and gold Fusiliers that dart around me in their thousands. As I near the bottom I meet the two Silvertip Reef sharks, which are locals on this reef. They make a short circle around me as if to acknowledge a friend and then cruise back into the depths.

I start the wall dive to my left shoulder careful to protect the soft corals along the way. This site has many small caves that I peak in to see if anyone is resting. I find a cave that is housing an incredibly large marbled grouper that quickly shuffles to the back of the cave out of fear. Once it settles down, I could see that there are two spotted stingrays resting at the back of the cave. I wish I could get closer but there is no going into caves this small and fragile.

Kudarikilu wall ray

Credit: Talya Davidoff

I move on to just enjoying the wall dive for its biodiversity when I notice a giant swimming in front of me. As I get closer, the giant turns to reveal itself… A Maori Wrasse. This gentle giant isn’t that fazed by my presence but I keep my distance just to be safe.

I spend the remainder of the dive with the Wrasse who eventually leaves me as I make my way to the surface.

The Author: Talya Davidoff is a marine biologist, freediving champion and dive instructor.

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