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La Dania’s Leap is a popular entry point for a magnificent drift dive in Bonaire and is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. The shore dive will require you to leap from a cliff to enter the crystal clear waters below, just as it was done by the diving pioneers in the area. Named after one such pioneer and the sole female diver in the group, Diana was the only one to accept the challenge of the leap on one particular day with her diving leader Captain Don.

Once you’ve made the leap and been amazed by the impeccable visibility Bonaire offers its divers, you’ll experience a truly magical drift dive that features some of Bonaire’s few vertical walls. Sights include an abundance of corals and canyons to explore as well as juvenile sunshine fish, brown chromis and tangs.

The site’s plateau has been known to offer sightings of large lettuce leaf slugs and seahorses, so be sure to have your underwater camera at the ready. The drift dive ends at Karpata, where you’ll find large ship anchors covered in coral and magnificent panoramic views. There are also large colonies of elkhorn that can stretch from 3 metres all the way to the surface.

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