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Laurel Island dive site is a great opportunity for divers to see many marine species and lots of different corals. The dives on Laurel Island are made up of two dive sites, Big Laurel and Small Laurel, which are very close together and so are dived together. They are quite similar and range in depth from about 8 meters to about 27 meters. Both sites are made up of sloping coral walls that have an abundance of coral and marine life. There is in particular a large variety of soft corals that covers most of the two dive sites and as with all soft corals, this produces a great opportunity for macro divers to explore and discover the smaller marine creatures. It is not a frequently visited dive spot and so the corals are in good condition and are relatively undisturbed.

The current at this dive spot can be quite strong and the area is normally only dived when there is a rising tide. Divers can use the current to have a drift dive but they should take care to make sure that the currents are not too strong.

Big Laurel has a great swim through, which is made up of an 8-meter wide tunnel that has many nudibranchs to spot amongst the many soft corals. There are also many sea snakes, sea stars, sponges, and leathery corals within the tunnel. This area of the dive site is often called Laurel Tunnel because of this. Small Laurel has many smaller caves that can be explored but these should only be navigated by experience divers with advanced certification or divers who have completed the cave diving course. Divers can find many of the usual tropical fish in the area, including anemone fish, damselfish, angelfish, puffer fish, and lionfish.

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